The Release of "Soul".

When we started writing this song, it was a completely different feeling and vibe. We brought this song to our producer and it wasn’t quite “there yet”. For all the musicians out there, you probably know what I mean when I say that. Aaron really felt strongly that this song could be a really great song. After re-organizing, speeding up the tempo and changing the melody about five billion times, we came up with what you can hear today as “Soul”. This song was written to really amplify how crucial it is to take what we have learned from our pasts and use it for a redemptive future. If there is any moment in time where this could be applied, it would be now.

The music video shows two dancers who aren’t necessarily “evil”, but they represent complacency, really. They signify the pull to keep me in a comfortable and familiar dysfunction, and all the while, a destiny and journey much bigger than I am, awaits. I think this can relate to so many people, looking to escape their situations