Ghosts was released on October 31st and it was perfect for Halloween vibes.

This song is one of my favorites and the lyrics were inspired by a bad friendship from childhood. It means so much to me because there was such manipulation in that friendship, I knew it would be liberating to write about it. I’ve had a few people ask me if I think that particular person knows this song is about them and all I have to say is that this person is someone who thinks everything is about them , so i'll leave that there. My favorite part of the song is where the lyrics say, " Even though you’re a cold dark heart, I know the light gets through. Cuz I can see me in your eyes, so I forgive you. "

When I think of this particular person, I am not filled with anger, I'm filled with sadness, because we both acted like terrible human beings, but they are the one letting their past fill them with bitterness. Even though they were cold and hard heartened, I can still see myself in their eyes and relate that to my own bitterness I was experiencing at the time. I realized that If I could forgive myself, I could forgive them.

Another good part is,

"It’s so hard to blame you, but to forgive is pain. "

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you could hardly blame someone for the way they were, if you knew everything they had gone through up to that point? At the same time though, you found it extremely hard to let things go and forgive, because you felt some dire need to hold onto the things that hurt you. The crazy thing is that we do the same thing that our enemies do at that point. In both situations, both people identify themselves with the hurt that they received.

Are we identifying ourselves with the hurt we receive, or the freedom of letting go of that hurt? Which would you like to be?


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