SȲNS, lead by Maddison’s melodic jazzy vocals, is a three person pop- alternative rock band that's almost as close as family... Well, actually they are family. Two words... Heavenly edge. When people hear their sound, this is the way they describe it. The biggest inspiration for their sound is 30 Seconds to Mars, Flyleaf, mixed with a little bit of Florence and the Machine, BANKS, Paramore, and PVRIS. Their genre literally is a mix of almost every style, because growing up they have all listened to different types of music. Now since they've met, they formed the band's eerie sound that we know today. Sitting down with lead singer Maddison, she expressed the way she wants her band to be remembered.  “One of our biggest fears is to be put into a box, a box so tight that only one group of people loves our music. Between writing, the instrumentals, to writing the lyrics, we have always wanted people to be able to move to our beats, express themselves, and to be moved by the lyrics; all at the same time. Our songs range from daily struggles of the human mind, the moral issues in the world, and the things that break our hearts.”




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